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Volume 8 - Intercession of Womanhood

Volume 8 - Intercession of Womanhood

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Lisa Santagate

There are few books with events as exciting as the Book of Esther. The setting is in a far-away land; complete with palace intrigue, a disgraced monarch, a devious plot, a displaced people, a scheming antagonist, and an unlikely heroine.

Within these pages, the Book of Esther offers not only a valuable chronological account, but also valuable ~ and timeless ~ spiritual lessons. Among other topics, we will study:

  • The attributes of godly character
  • The importance of patience and obedience
  • The supremacy of God’s sovereignty
  • The powerful influence of prayer and intercession

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: The Journey Begins
Lesson 2: Choices and Consequences
Lesson 3: The Preparation
Lesson 4: At The Right Time
Lesson 5: Grace and Favor
Lesson 6: Peer Pressure
Lesson 7: Bearing the Burden
Lesson 8: Principles of Intercession: Part One
Lesson 9: Principles of Intercession: Part Two
Lesson 10: Entering In
Lesson 11: The Revealing
Lesson 12: The King’s Authority

A 12 Lesson Bible Study and Workbook in One 11 x 8.5 Full Color Cover with Plastic Coil Binding.

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