Frequently Asked Questions

Dream City Church Auditorium

Can I share DREAMomentum with my staff as part of my subscription or do they need to join individually?

Your subscription covers your church or ministry staff. Our goal is to support the men and women of the church!

What is DREAMentors?

DREAMentors allows someone to schedule an online appointment with either Pastor Tommy Barnett or Pastor Luke to speak one on one, regarding their ministry.

What is DREAMentoring?

DREAMentoring allows someone to schedule an online appointment with a ministry leader to speak one on one, regarding an issue related their ministry.

What is DREAMinistry?

DREAMinistry is interviews with the core Dream City Church ministry leaders who share keys on how to grow and create momentum for their ministries.

What is DREAMultiplication?

DREAMultiplication is personal conversations between Pastor Tommy and Pastor Luke that share their insight from decades of experience that address a multitude of subjects regarding ministry in the church.

Is the DREAMomentum website going to have new videos added on an ongoing basis?

Yes, the DREAMomentum website will be update weekly with new videos, interviews and or insight conversations.

What are DREAMessages?

DREAMessages are Pastor Tommy Barnett and Pastor Luke Barnett sermons along with other pastors who are part of some the series sermons.

What is the best way to search for different videos?

You can use three filters to search. One is you can search by Pastor - Pastor Tommy, Pastor Luke, and or other pastors that are listed. Two, you can search by Series, which are multiple messages based on a theme. Three you can search by year.

Who are some of the leading pastors who have gained benefit from Pastor Tommy and Pastor Tommy’s leadership?

Pastors such as T.D. Jakes, Chris Hodges, Jentezen Franklin and many others can attest to the life-changing atmosphere of Dream Conference.

How did they gain their understanding of pastor and ministry leader challenges?

Pastor Tommy and Pastor Luke has mentored thousands of pastors and business leaders through Dream City Church’s annual “Dream Conference” formerly known as “Pastors School.” This conference has been responsible for training and inspiring over 200,000 pastors and leaders over the past 42 years.

What is the purpose of DREAMomentum?

DREAMomentum is a multi-dimensional platform, featuring Pastor Tommy Barnett, Pastor Luke Barnett and many ministry leaders under their leadership, who share innovative wisdom, solutions and insight for leader, church and ministry momentum and growth.

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