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Volume 6 - Perfecting Goodness

Volume 6 - Perfecting Goodness

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Lisa Santagate

I was amazed at the meaning (and purpose) of the fruit of goodness both in its biblical context and personal application. With that in mind, I invite you to come with me and learn more about this important expression. The road we travel throughout this study stretches from Creation to the Epistles, with numerous stops along the way. May the Holy Spirit bless your journey, making it fruitful and life changing.

A 12 Lesson Bible Study and Workbook in One 11" x 8.5" Book, featuring Full Color Covers with Plastic Coil Binding.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: It Was Good
Lesson 2: A Good Thing
Lesson 3: The Good News
Lesson 4: Kind and Good
Lesson 5: All Things ~ Part 1
Lesson 6: All Things ~ Part 2
Lesson 7: Meant For Good
Lesson 8: The Good Samaritan
Lesson 9: Go and Do Good
Lesson 10: Goodness and Generosity
Lesson 11: Goodness and Hospitality
Lesson 12: The Good Shepherd

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