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Volume 5 - Expressions of Womanhood

Volume 5 - Expressions of Womanhood

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Lisa Santagate

Every moment of every day, we express ourselves to others, in all different ways! It might be through our words. It might be through our silence. It might be through a kind note or gift of appreciation. It might be through a hug or squeeze of a hand.

This study explores several areas of communication, including:

  • Expressing ourselves through words, actions, and prayer
  • Expressing ourselves through physical intimacy
  • Expressing ourselves through our financial stewardship
  • Expressing God’s love

As we work through this study, I pray that it will help you achieve a greater understanding of your relationship with God and with others. There are stories of women, like you, who have faced difficult circumstances and learned to overcome them by God’s love and grace.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: For His Glory
Lesson 2: Vessels of Honor
Lesson 3: The Truth of the Matter
Lesson 4: Communication: By Words
Lesson 5: Communication: By Actions
Lesson 6: Communication: By Prayer
Lesson 7: Physical Intimacy: A Sacred Act
Lesson 8: Physical Intimacy: The Beauty of Lovemaking
Lesson 9: Physical Intimacy: A Matter of the Heart
Lesson 10: Financial Stewardship: Principles of Prospering
Lesson 11: Financial Stewardship: The Plan for Prosperity
Lesson 12: The Greatest of These

A 12 Lesson Bible Study designed in a workbook format. 11 x 8.5 Full Color Cover with Plastic Coil Binding.

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