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Volume 3 – Perfecting Peace

Volume 3 – Perfecting Peace

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Lisa Santagate

The goal of this study is for you to gain the truth about the peace of God and produce the fruit of peace in your life, abundantly sharing it with others. In these turbulent times, it seems every day harbors a tempest. But with peace, you can navigate through the most difficult times of life.

A 12 Lesson Bible Study and Workbook in One 11" x 8.5" Book, featuring Full Color Covers with Plastic Coil Binding.

To some, peace is an illusionary concept. To others, peace is but a distant hope. However, I pray that through these pages you will discover that you can live in God’s peace, which is true peace, day after day. This is the peace that is ours through Christ. This is the peace He promised us.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: True Peace
Lesson 2: The Prince of Peace
Lesson 3: The Peace of God
Lesson 4: Peace of Mind
Lesson 5: The Bond of Peace
Lesson 6: Who’s in Control?
Lesson 7: Perimeters for Peace-Part 1
Lesson 8: Perimeters for Peace-Part 2
Lesson 9: Perimeters for Peace-Part 3
Lesson 10: Perimeters for Peace-Part 4
Lesson 11: Peace Rules
Lesson 12: Be Blessed

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