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Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)

LUKE 9:62

Turn in your Bibles to Luke 9 vs 62

And while you're looking for that, I get people who write me every week and here’s what they say.

“Pastor, thank you for your short sermons on giving every Sunday morning”. I get fifty of those to one. The one says, “I wish you wouldn’t say anything on giving. Just pass the bucket”. The problem is, that the person who never gives in the first place and they are the very one who need it the most, say a good amen. You see, the one knows he’s being helped, helped because they’re blessing the kingdom of God, because the offering isn’t about getting money from you, but “to you”.

(Pastor opens Bible and begins to read)

No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.

Now there’s a lot of looking back in Christians in their giving today. Barnum came out with a report that says giving since 9/11 has gone down 50% among Christians. Now that’s a shame, literally a disgrace. What these people are doing is, they are looking back, and they think that because of that, the future doesn’t look good. The stock market’s down, there’s uncertainty in the world. Maybe even a famine like in biblical times, so let’s hoard what we have stored. Let’s hang on to what we have or it will getaway. But the Bible says what you give out will come back to you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

According to the Bible, in the time of famine and drought that it was during the drought that we were too sow a seed. So the time to give is in the time of need. The last two weeks I have ask you to prove God and see if He wouldn’t open the windows ofHeaven in the months of June, July, and August. In other words, if you haven’t tithed, start tithing these next three months and then you can quit. But, see if God isn’t true when He said give and it shall be given and see if He doesn’t open up the windows ofHeaven and pour out a blessing you can’t contain.

Since 9/11 our church hasn’t backed off, we’ve had a revival in giving at this church.While other churches go down, this one’s going up. We’re giving to prosper and we’re going to prosper, build, bring in the harvest! We’re going to see the glory of God in the midst of his people, in the midst of a perverse generation full of all kinds of fear, we will not fear. Say it with me, “We will not fear!” “Well Pastor, how can you be sure of that?”

Let me read one more verse.

There is no man who has left house, brethren, sister or land for my sake, and for theGospel, but he shall receive 100 fold now.

Everybody say “Now” (crowd responds) “Now in this time, houses, brothers, sisters and land and in the world to come, eternal life.

God’s not only saying you’ll get blessed Now! But the blessings will continue right thru eternity when you get to Heaven.

Now folks, you either believe the Bible or not. I believe it, I receive it, I’ve seen it workin my own life, church, and ministry. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t know it is more blessed to give than receive, because when you give, you receive.

(Pastor calls the ushers forward and begins to pray.)