Tommy Barnett Giving Messages

Dream City Church: DREAMessages

Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)

LUKE 6:38

Would you take your Bibles, and turn to: Luke 6 vs 38

Why don’t you read it with me.

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.

Look at me just a minute, much has been said about giving, and our proper motive for giving, by the way it is very important that our motive is proper, and our giving, because if our motive isn’t right, then our seed will be no good. Now I know for year’s you’ve heard me preach this, that were to give our tithe, and offering to God, whether we feel like it, or not, we should give to God if nothing comes back, or not, and the temporal thing’s are a way of blessing, other word’s we should give not to get, but to give cause we already have, see when you have God you have everything say a good Amen, when you have God you have abundance, you have the source, and if God is your source you’ve got it all, so we are to give to God we’ve got everything, and I believe that, so I’ve got to preach to you the full GOSPEL.

Because the Bible says it shall be given unto you, even pressed done shaken down, and running over, so that means when you give to God, Gods a debtor to no man, say a good AMEN. See the important thing is that our motive is right, there’s nothing wrong with want to get if you plan to give more, so we get so that we can give more, so that the GOSPEL may be taken thru out the world.

You’ve heard me tell the story of Willie George in Tulsa, OK Pastor of that great church that he’s been given, and he given to the Dream Center in L.A. that we have mothered, and he came and spoke on a Thursday, and said his church wanted to a$50,000 offering, I’d invite him to come and preach, and just before he preached, he said God spoke to him to give sow a seed, were in a building program, and we need7 million dollar’s to build our new building, he saved up a few hundred thousand that the Lord impressed on me to take out of the building fund $100,000, he’d already given $50,000, and gave it to this church, that you can build this church, and that man gave it to God.

After the service I said I feel so sorry, SORRY he said don’t feel sorry for me I feel so excited I can hardly wait to see what Gods’ going to do for us, I’m going to look everyday, I’m expecting my seed to bring a great harvest, this is a good harvest field.

Well this week he was going to come with his men , but with the business of his church he ask if he could cancel out, so he sent 5 men from his church, before I preached he said I want to give you that $100,000 in foreign stocks, they gave me25,000, and then they gave me some of these little animal costumes that they’ve worked on about$700 a piece, from out reaches them did with children, and they said remember we had some needs, well brother George had some needs at his children’s ranch, where they come from all over the world, and he has a real train that goes around, and its an old western city something special, we wanted to get some long horn cattle to put on that ranch and didn’t have the money, and then a lady came to us and ask us if she could give us $10,000 worth of longhorn cattle, and she said you know I think I’ll up it to 20,000, so she up it to 20,000. But before she gave her offering her stock went sky high, so she said I tell you what I’m going todo, I’m going to buy you $50,000 worth of cattle, and by looking at your company looks like you don’t have enough to get these cattle, you need some more land don’t you, and she ended up buying him 600,000 acres of land beside his ranch, give theLord a good clap offering for that, and I ask him how much is it worth, he said it’s now worth $375,000. Now I said that to say this it will come back.

(Pastor pray’s)