Tommy Barnett Giving Messages

Dream City Church: DREAMessages

Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)

I want to talk to you a minute this week. At the conference I went to, I met the pastor of the Nigerian church and as we talked I asked him if he really had a 100% tithing church.He said, “I sure do. Don’t you?” I paused for a moment and said, “I do not” and he said,“So you have an unbelieving church?”

Folks, I believe we are going to be a 100 tithing church. I’m going to say it because I believe it1 I believe we are going to be a 100% tithing church. Come on – give the Lord a good clap offering! I believe we can do it. I believe we can. Say amen!! I know we can do it and we’re going to start this morning by writing out that first check this morning.

Leo was so touched he called me and said, “Pastor, there’s a lot of people who want too tithe and don’t think they can do it financially. They don’t see how they can do it. See, the Nigerian church has no recreation as a church—that’s their entertainment at church.And some of you spend three times a week going to the movies. I believe there are ways you can do it. Leo said, “Challenge them to call upon the staff members and tell you how in your present income with what you’re making you can tithe to God and not only obeyGod but be blessed with a return for the glory of the Lord.

Let’s just see what would happen when we give unto God. There would be food in the house and He will pour you out a blessing you can’t contain! Our city cannot contain and our nation won’t even contain it! Come on, let’s give the Lord a clap offering right now.Let’s see it and start the plan of God into operation right now.

(Pastor prays)