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Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


Turn in your Bibles to Gal. 6 vs. 7.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked. What so ever a man sows, that he will reap.

Jump down to verse 9.

Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap, if we faint not.

Look at me for just a moment. When we read this we usually refer to this in the negative sense. You sow wicked seeds, seeds of corruption and that’s what you’ll reap. But as it is bent towards the negative, it is also true of the positive. When you sow righteousness, you’ll reap righteousness. When you sow good, you’ll reap good, that which is good and wholesome, that’s what you’ll reap back.

I’ve got a story to tell you. This week, last Friday and Saturday mornings I spoke to the largest gathering in the world of French speaking delegates to a Christian Conference. It took place in Montreal, Canada where over 2000 pastors and workers from all over the world were present. People from France, Canada, French New Guinea, Australia, about30 countries in all were at this gathering, for a first of its kind meeting and I had the privilege to speak. Just before going on, the head of the gathering said to me, “ I have a young man I’d like you to meet from our Bible School, he’s outstanding”. He came in and I found out that he had accepted Christ in our church here in Phoenix when we had“French Sunday”. This young man was the most outstanding student in their BibleSchool and he’s going back to France to build a church and teach the gospel for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Give the Lord a clap offering for that. (pause) Many of you wondered when those 1600Frenchmen came forward and accepted Jesus Christ, what would come of that, but that wonderful young man was in that group and now he’s going back to France to minister to the people and there are many more, but if it was only that one, it was worth it.

Then he introduced me to another person, a pastor of an outstanding church in France.He had come to our Pastors School conference and had stayed over for the Master’sCommission conference. He went back and built one of the finest Master’s Commissions in all of France. Give the Lord another clap offering for that.

I wish you could go with me and see, ask Gary who travels with me, see how wonderfulI am treated when, there’s not many blessings of getting older but there is a few of being66, they use to call me “the young preacher”, now they call me the “father of the faith”.

You wouldn’t believe the joy and lavishness of love that is expressed for someone who has persevered this long in the ministry. Wherever I go I see people, who were saved in this church, who are preaching the gospel. From this church, who came out of theMaster’s Commission, or who were touched at Pastor’s School.

This great church in Montreal, that’s the largest in Montreal, sprang up eight years ago because of a young man who came to Phoenix and Pastor’s School changed his life.

Now, why do I say this? Why wouldn’t everyone here want to be a tither to the local church? Why not obey the word of God and sow into the work of the Lord, knowing that when you sow, you will reap? Why wouldn’t people tithe to the local church?

By the way, your tithe doesn’t go to “TBN”. It doesn’t go to any evangelist. The Bible says that it belongs in the house of the Lord. The church where you are fed.... Say a goodAmen!

I want to command you, in the name of Jesus and the authority of the word of God,

Pay your tithe and give to God.

Start for the first time. We are doing things that are making a difference in this old world, and some of you sit here on Sunday mornings and act like you're bored, you don’t do a thing. You don’t clap, you don’t sing, or give. God have mercy on your souls. One day you’ll come and say, “ I wish I’d enjoyed it!”, “ I wish I’d given.

We’re sitting in the middle of a revival. Now give the Lord a thanks giving applause! Be grateful unto the Lord. It’s sad when I go out and hear them sitting in awe of what God has done for Phoenix and for the Dream Center and then come home to find that you’ve gotten used to it. You sit there and the spirit of generosity hasn’t come from you.

This morning we’re taking up a Thanksgiving offering. I want everyone here to tithe. I want everyone to give above your tithe. This morning we’re running extra buses. We’ve rented at least 10 extra buses. I’ve payed for one of them, but the Lord spoke to me this morning and said, “ Pay for another one!” Each one costs $250.00 to rent. So I wrote another $250.00 check for the rental of a bus. I need at least eight more men or women to write a renting a $250.00 check for renting a bus.

Folks, on this Thanksgiving morning let's give an offering above our tithe.

Pastor calls the ushers forward and begins to pray.