Tommy Barnett Giving Messages

Dream City Church: DREAMessages

Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


Remember the story in the Bible of Abraham. The Bible said he made an offering to theLord and the vultures came down and tried to steal that offering. He drove the vultures away. My friend, did you know that we have to take aggressive action against anything that will attempt to steal an offering away from the Lord? Say a good amen!

Vultures of all kinds will settle around us and try to take the offering of the Lord, but likeAbraham we have to protect the offering. Because of the urgent needs, there are unexpected bills that come, friends who make requests of us and if we don’t watch it, we will take the offering that was set aside for God and use it otherwise. But Malachi says that the very act of giving will rebuke the devourer.

(Pastor opens Bible and begins to read)

Malachi 3 vs. 11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sake, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground.

Now the Bible said in John 10 vs. 10 that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy and to skew. One of his intentions is to destroy the offering that belongs to God because he knows the offering reaches souls for God. This is also because the offering releases a spiritual power in the life of the giver that has the affect of binding the works of the devil in your life and rebukes the devourer. How many of you have a devourer in your life that needs to be rebuked, say a good amen!

And as we sacrifice, as we give our substance to God, every time we bring an offering to the Lord, instead of the devil hindering us, we hinder the devil that would block the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m trying to tell you that when we give to God we release a spiritual power in our life that rebukes the devourer and stops his hindering power in our life. That’s another reason you need to give to God! If you believe that’s a word fromGod, say a good amen!