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Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 there’s a wonderful scripture I want to read you.Jeremiah 29 verse 11, normally I read the King James Version but I’d like to read this in the International Version this morning.

Jeremiah 29, verse 11. As you look for this, you know men make plans for their sons, their daughters and for their children, but how many of you are aware thatGod also makes plans for His people. If you believe that say, “Amen.” [Amen]

Let me read His plans for you from Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plan I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.

Whew! Boy what a plan He has for our life. And you just heard the heart of God towards you, towards His sons, towards His daughters; because as many as received Him to them He power to become the sons or daughters of Christ.

You see the Bible said that He had plans to prosper you. Now how do we find out where His plans are? First of all we find out where His plans are in the Word of God. You see God has set forth principles in His Word that will release the blessings of God in His life and these instructions in this book are God’s plans for you to receive you inheritance that Jesus Christ died for on the cross.

You see the Bible says that the silver and gold in the world are His. The Bible says the cattle on a thousand hills are His. The Bible said that the earth and the fullness thereof – everything in the earth, all the minerals – are His. So that is our inheritance. If they belong to Him where does this come to? His sons and his daughters. And those are God’s plans to receive the part that was you that Jesus died on the cross and He put these things in the earth for you.

Where do you find the second plan that He has for your life? In prayer. You see when you pray, the Bible says that God will give you ideas. Maybe an invention, maybe a little idea that’ll help you on the job to get an advancement to be blessed and to prosper.

The third place we find God’s plan for our life is when we acknowledge Him.

He said, “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” And one of the ways we acknowledge Him is realizing that He is Lord of our life.Realizing that He is Lord of our physical situation, our spiritual situation and our financial situation. And one way we show He’s the Lord of our life is when we give of our tithe and our offering to God.

As the ushers come forward this morning, I’d like to remind you. This is the firstSunday of the month which we always ask you to give an offering above the 10%tithe to God for Foreign Missions. Not one penny of this will even go for HomeMissions. This is a missionary offering to spread the Gospel around the world.

And so this morning when you make out your 10% tithe, I’m asking you to make that offering – some of you made a pledge a few months ago, Faith Promise, what you would give to God every month. Some of you didn’t, but I ask you to designate, above your tithe, an offering to help evangelize the world because it’sGod’s plan to reach the world and it’s God’s plans for us to take the Gospel around the world and when we reach the world, then God says, “I’m going to bless you, I’m going to take of your church, as you cared for others, I’m going to care for you.”

Let’s pray. Father, we love your Word. As give a little Bible study briefly before the offering, as we do every week, we know God that You’ve got plans for us.Your plan is for us to reach the world, to heal the broken hearted, to take theGospel to those that have never heard. And this morning we bring our tithe and we write an offering above that to reach the heathens of the world. Oh, it’s no tasking much God, missionaries are there, but all we need to do is support those precious men and women that are in different places of the world by our giving an offering above it to reach those people.

God bless the people as they give, God. They’re acknowledging You now, God, in their gifts and You’ve got a plan for their life. It is a joy to give to Thee and with great joy we place our offering in the offering plate this morning and we thank You, in Jesus’ wonderful name, and everybody said, “Amen