Tommy Barnett Giving Messages

Dream City Church: DREAMessages

Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)

I SAMUEL 15:22

Would you take your Bibles, and turn to: I Samuel 15 vs 22

Then Samuel said; ‘has the Lord (there’s great) delight in burnt offering’s, and, sacrifice. As in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice , and heed than the fat of rams.

Can I have you attention just a minute, when you hear the word of God for any area of your life you then become responsible for that word you have just heard, the scripture say’s that of much given, much is required, and once you hear the word of God concerning tithing and offerings, you are faced with a choice to obey, or disobey, that is what it really comes down to obeying, or disobeying the Lord.

So if you look at both side’s; first let's look at the negative side, if I make a choice to disobey God I’m going opposite of the will of God for my life, and since I’m going against God I’m cutting off his help in my life.

In Proverbs 29 a very sobering verse, it says, whoever turns his hearing away from the law, of the word, even his prayers shall be an abomination, wow is that sobering?. In other word’s are going against God and God can’t hear them, or help you, because what you’ve done is disobeyed his law, and he can’t answer prayer contrary to his name.

Ed Cole said something out of this scripture that can change your life ( are you listening to me) the reason obedience is better than sacrifice, is that you can’t make up thru sacrifice, what you loose in disobedience, ( I don’t think you got that) he say’s that disobedience can’t make up what you miss thru obeying God, and how true that is, it cost us something to disobey God, but right on the other side of this comes a blessing, and the positive is when you obey God. James said when we are doer’s of the word ofGod, and we are blessed from the doing of it, see the blessing comes from the doing of it.So we could say today it cost to put God off, and it pays to obey.

The Bible says you pay your tithe, and bring your offering to the store house the first day of the week, your tithe doesn’t go to Tulsa, OK, or TBN, OR 700CLUB, their great ministries, and it’s right to give an offering to them, but the tithe belongs in the local church, and on the first day of the week we ‘bring’ our tithe that is a command, and when you do, it is better to obey than to sacrifice, this morning I believe that some of you will tithe because you heard, and now you are responsible for the word you received.

(Pastor Prays)