Tommy Barnett Giving Messages

Dream City Church: DREAMessages

Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


I want to tell you a story this morning, last week after the night service I was talking toTed Haggard, and while we were talking he spoke of a Pastor in Nigeria who has a church that tithes 100%, I looked at him and!! As they were talking, theNigerian Pastor asked Ted, doesn’t everyone in your church tithe, Ted paused and said no not everyone tithes in my church. So you have an unbelieving church, folks after I heard that I have a goal now to be the first 100% tithing church in America, come on say a good AMEN!!. I believe this church can be that kind of a believing church don’t you, when other church’s tithing has gone done, we're seeing revival here at this one, what do you say, let's be the fist 100% tithing church for the Glory of God.

(Pastor prays)