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Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


Would you take your Bibles, and turn to: PROVERB’S 22 vs 9

I’m going to read to you one verse of scripture, verse 9, (as he prepares the crowd). A generous will be blessed, for he gives bread to the poor, now look at me just a minute, when it speaks of the Generous eye what’s it talking about?, is it talking about some force that is looking down on us, no, no it isn’t. When it speaks of a generous eye it’s speaking of an eye that sees opportunity, opportunity to be a Blessing, opportunity to reach out to people, opportunity to offer help to the poor to be generous. I believe this church has a generous eye, from giving turkeys at thanksgiving, you brought in turkeys, some 3000 of them. One man was so touched by what he saw he bought 700 skutters, give the Lord a good clap offering for that, isn’t that wonderful, thank God, we didn’t know we were going to have these till last week.

If there’s any church that has a giving spirit it’s you, you people opened your hearts today, and you’ve given, and you’ve given, and given, well the bible says, that the person who has a generous eye will be blessed, I believe this day your going to be blessed like never before, and this morning as we receive the offering, that it’s the Lords birthday, I’d like to remind you the bible speaks very strongly when we make a vow, and that we should keep that vow.

So I’m going to encourage you between now and next Sunday to go thru and look at your giving for 2003, I’ve been taking an inventory of my giving and analyze investments that I may have made, did I make any divid ins, that I didn’t pay this year, because I made up my mind like never before, not to go into 2003 with (back taxes)excuse me, (back taxes) back tithe too pay, you wouldn’t think of robbing the government because of the consequences, but some of you would rob God AND not think of the consequences, the Bible says when you do that you are curded with a curse, how many of you realize that, that is the word of God say a good amen. I want to be blessed going out and blessed coming in, so as we pay our tithe this morning I’m going to ask every one of you to take inventory this week and clear the deck for 2003 for next year by giving to and finish this year with giving of tithe and offering unto God.

(Pastor prays)