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Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


Would you take your Bibles, and turn to: PHILLIPIANS 4 vs. 18-19

But I receive everything in abundance, I am amply supplied having received from Epaphroditus the thing’s (sent) from you, a sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable“sacrifice”,(circle that word) well pleasing to God.

Vs 19 AND my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.

We’ve been talking the last few week’s abut different way’s that you can make investment’s into the kingdom of God, we talked about how you can make an investment with your tithe, that’s the 10% that is God’s, that you’ve been made a steward of, that you pay every week, you invest 10%, God gives you back 90%. He gives you everything you have rain, fresh air, life, everything that you have.

Then last week we talked about an investment in giving an offering, an offering is above your tithe; it’s a seed that you sow, and that’s what you can expect from that 10%, an offering the Bible say’s pressed down, shaken together, and running over, and the offering is like an investment like-wise. Today I’m going to take you on another road of investment called, SACRIFICIAL giving, when God says that we are to make a SACRIFICIAL gift, a SACRIFICIAL gift is something that cost us, something that means we have to dig in and give sacrificially give to God. And the Bible says that, that can bean investment. In the Old Testament God ask Abraham to offer his son as a SACRIFICE, a remember what happened when he did, he offered him as a SACRIFICE and God gave his son back, cause he just want OBEDIENCE anyway, and he moved supernaturally anyway, and gave Abraham so many seed, as many as the sand of the sea and he couldn’t number them.

Remember ELIJAH in the Bible, remember how the widow came to him, all she had was just a little meal, that’s all she had, and he said make me a meal, and he asked her to give him the meal and she did, and when she SACRIFICED that investment in the program ofGod, which was the man of God, the program of God, and God moved supernaturally, and made PROVISION for her to the point she had enough food for the rest of the depression, that hit that land, she gave SACRIFICIALLY, and God moved supernaturally. And last but not least in the New Testament remember the story of the little boy that had a little lunch and Jesus said I need it, and he gave it to Jesus, Jesus took those loaves, and fish and made it into a haystack of food that fed the multitude and blessed it and they had more than enough to eat. You see if it was left up to any of these people that I just mentioned, when God asked them to do it they did it, but they would have never done it on their own, but when they were asked, they SACRIFICED, they opened up, and God opened up supernatural increase in their lives and blessed them.