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Quick Sermon (Just Before the Offering)


Would you take your Bibles, and turn to: DEUTERONOMY 8 vs. 17

I’m going to read one scripture then I’m finished. Deuteronomy 8 vs. 17, ‘Then you sayin your heart, My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.’And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who give you power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore to your fore fathers, as it is this day.

Listen closely, this scripture point’s out that God has the power to give wealth unto his people, now why should we want wealth, what purpose is wanting wealth in our life, if it's true the Bible says; that he has the power to give us wealth, and he will give us wealth (look at me just a minute) if we see wealth for the purpose and the reason that it would be given, if we see wealth as having redemptive purpose, (did you hear what I said) if we see wealth as winning souls, if we see it for reaching the world with theGOSPEL, as we see it as healing peoples hurts and feeding, and clothing the naked, if we see wealth as a redemptive.

God said I will give you the wealth to carry out my plan for which I created, and put you here, to profit, and be blessed, I close with this story.

Dr. Cho. Awhile back went with me to CBN that wonderful Christian College, along withPat Robertson owner of the 700 club, helping doctor’s and Lawyer’s, and professional media,.Dr. Cho. Pastor’s the church in Sheol Korea of 7000 people, a modern day revival, he had with him 100 of his men from his church,(you ready for this) he announced that all of them were worth over 50 million dollar’s a piece, he then told me, he then told the crowd that he had 10,000 people with million’s in his church in Korea, who soul purpose is to evangelize the world, the reason they have come here with me is, they want send 100 a our leading kid’s to pay their bill’s, we are responsible for our kid’s to be Lawyer’s, and Doctor’s. and now everywhere I go I have met these men from his church all over America, he told me, I have been called by God to be a wealthy, with one soul purpose to give money to Doctor Cho to reach the world with the GOSPEL OF JesusChrist, these men have come realize that money given to them because it has redemptive power. DR. Cho said to me as I looked at his news paper in Seoul Korea the third largest there, a Christian paper, right on the stand like a secular paper, and he said I feel like God has called me to start a Christian news paper in America, well until God speaks to me I haven’t felt that way yet, I appreciate the thought I don’t have a billion dollar’s yetAmen. See the thought was we need to set our sight a lot higher, I believe that God wants to raise up men, and women up in this church to be wealthy, only if they know what money is all about, not to have and to hold, not to spend lavishly upon their own self, but to reach the world for God.

(Pastor prays as the usher’s come forward)